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My Village

If ever the time comes, that weakness wins, for even a second, may you be blessed by a village with such strength, they just swoop in and scoop up your weary soul until you are strong enough to stand on your own.

To my village, my strength this past two and a half years, thank you for getting me through a time I seriously thought may have destroyed me. For believing in me and supporting me however it needed to be done. Your task may have seemed exhausting, but please know, it never went unnoticed!

This weekend, I ran around like a mad woman, working on finding selections for a remodel or 2 or 6 or 8, arranging meetings, and running comps. And, the brain worked, the mouth was a bit snarky, and at one point, I stopped and realized just how lucky I am to have had my village never give up on snarky Barbie.

I still have a teensy hole in my heart for missing Lex, but I know she'd be insanely excited to have the snarky part of her mama return.

To my village, thank you for believing in so much love getting me through. I start my day feeling blessed.


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