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Going to try this again. Our earlier post disappeared, and we simply must share the first shopping experience of the boutique, 2019.

It's been a wild busy few months. Each time we thought the boutique had reached perfection, we found a chair to replace the previous perfect chair, a bench that fit the shoe try on area a bit better, sparkles to cover the vacuumed rug that had a bit more wear than we'd felt comfortable with, or a piece of crystal necessary to showcase the jewelry for a bit more bling. So, I'm sure last night found many of our village dropping into bed and finding sleep our heads hit the pillow.

The boutique opened yesterday. The first "shift" of volunteers showed up a bit before opening to ensure the whole day went flawlessly. Right before 2, we see this beautiful girl and her grandma headed through the door. We are all so excited, we can hardly stand the suspense of what dress will she select. I take the lead and almost skip to the dresses that are in her size. As we are headed to the dresses, I realize I don't know this girl's name, so I casually ask, and she replies......Lexie. The village stops and tries not to gasp. My eyes fill with water, and my brain does the thing it's known for in times like this, and convinces my soul to giggle.

The search for the perfect dress is easy with Lexie. She loves everything we all pick out. As we are headed for the dressing rooms, she spots a dress hanging on the wall (it's on the wall because it's my favorite dress in the boutique, and I wanted to see it as often as possible). Lexie asks if she can try this dress on, as well. At this point, I feel as if we are filming a Hallmark movie, and I go for the dress on the wall. She tries the dress on, and walks out, and we all gasp. There is no doubt in any of our minds, Lexie has found the perfect dress. The jewelry is an easy choice, the clutch is as if it were made for this very dress. And, in a short time, Lexie and her grandma and the first shift of Prom Boutique, 2019 determine complete success.

As Lexie walks out the door, we all feel as though we have just been visited by an angel.

Enjoy your prom, Lexie, and thank you for being our fist shopper.


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