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Help us make it the BEST!

Thank you EVERYONE who has donated dresses. We seem pretty set for now, but will be needing more, I'm sure, in a few weeks. Right now, we don't have room to cutely store any more :) HOWEVER, we do need size 9 1/2 and above women's shoes, GENTLY used is awesome. PLEASE, nothing that looks like they've been through a ringer.

For the guys, we hope to grab some cool van type shoes at Payless, as this was the hot item last year. So, if anybody has any Payless gift cards lying around, you know where to send them :) We ARE NOT looking for used men's shoes at this time, as we all know men use their shoes til there's not much life left, and we found the black van types were a bigger demand. We have enough to get a good start, so gift cards are probably most useful than trying to determine which sizes we need.

We will probably need evening bags by the first part of February, if anyone has any lying around, and PROM JEWELRY is probably about the same story.

Thank you so much for following our posts and for such an amazing response to our requests. We are SO LUCKY to have you ensuring that this is the best Prom Boutique EVER!


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