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That she did

Something to know about Lex She loved her brother fiercely. When Josh lived in the Bahamas, she arranged a family vacation to visit. She arranged food, sailing gear, and safety gear for him and his boat. She partnered with our neighbor, Don, to be sure each bag was exactly 50 pounds, as that was the limit for the small planes we would take to get to the remote island.

Stephen left ahead of Lex and I to spend some guy boat time with Josh, so it was all Lex and I. We get to our final plane change and see this. I'm hesitant to get on a plane with spray painted tail number. Lexie was already weary of flying after her instructor, years prior, had a genuine mental breakdown on her last flight before she soloed. So, anyway, I'm concerned. "Mom, just get on, I'll take care of it." We board a few hours later, me in a motion sick pill state, and Lexie just demanding to sit in the front seat. The pilot was thrilled to have this beautiful girl sitting next to him, so he agreed. I fall fast asleep, terrified and all. We go to land about the time I wake up. The couple ahead of me says what an amazing pilot my daughter is.

Apparently, Lexie was a bit uncertain of the whole thing, after all. So, rather than worry, she used her cute face to convince the pilot she should fly us to the island. And she did.


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