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Happy 32nd Birthday

Happy 32nd birthday, Alexa Michele! I'm not sure how the years went by so fast, but one thing for sure, you lived each and every one of the years given you, under your own rules, and for that I am a proud mama who feels she raised you well. How blessed am I to have had you to teach me about life.

I am stronger because of you. My heart loves deeper because of you. I try an eensy bit harder to wear something besides baby lotion or Jergens hand lotion, as my facial crème, because of you. I stand up to those behaving like bafoons, because of you (well, I kind of always did that, but now I know you are somehow beside me , so I feel like maybe I have a better chance of convincing them to behave) I hand out clothes that make people know we care, just like you (well, minus the healthy food, you know I don't cook) I get up every day, put on the big girl pants you always made sure I had, and greet the day as if it is meant to be mine, just like you taught me. Your strength has given me the ability to not only stand, but to walk in front of people I've never met and demand we work together to help those unable to help themselves, for now

. You taught me well my little grasshopper, as Tom used to call you. And, the strength you give me each day is a true reminder of your beautiful soul. So, happy birthday Lex. I promise to make the day count.


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