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Forever miss you

My girl. Always "so pretty" :) while volunteering. Something to remember about the success of Lexie's Gift. This is about more than just having a mom grab her friends and making the community a better place. It's about carrying on what was important to Lexie. Lexie was most always by my side reminding those fighting addiction that we would offer whatever strength we could to help them beat that darn beast. She was known to those living amongst the homeless as "the girl that wasn't very nice," because she'd only give them their healthy granola bar if they could prove they'd done something to help themselves or someone else. So, when you see the constant pleas to help us raise money for the "cute" traveling closet, or your unwanted travel sized toiletries, or your GENTLY USED clothing, or your help in neatly folding the donations, please remember, Lexie would be proud of each of us for continuing her legacy, just like I was so proud of the daughter, that in 30 years, made a difference to those who needed it. This picture was taken after Lexie and I had spent the day setting up an Italian Feast fundraiser and running around like mad women while we threw on a dress in the casino bathroom, as we giggled that people probably thought the fundraiser was for the two women getting ready in a public bathroom. Darn, I miss her!


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