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Nothing Like last minute

If you ask my closest friends, what time does Barbie go to sleep, almost everyone would say about 8. So, last night, I just can't sleep. This upcoming event has me thinking everything through a gazillion times. I can't sleep I wake up and work through every single detail. Our community, not just my village and the people we have shop for their beautiful things is going to see what we are doing in Lexie's name. So, it really does need to be perfect. Lex will NOT be happy if we do something half arsed :)

I realize we cannot do Costco cake, we simply cannot. So I decide to start searching for someone who can maybe help with cookies or something. First to respond is Kelsey Rivara, one of Lexie's best childhood friends from pre- Noah's Ark days. She sends this off the charts picture of a cake she can "throw together" I tell her I am beyond touched and when did she become such a great baker, and she reminds me, her sweet Daddy made a birthday cake for Lexie when Lexie was young. And, suddenly, it's evident that we MUST have this beautiful cake gracing the table, and that everything happens for a reason. Moments later,Katie Lauren chimes in that she knows someone who may be able to help, and the second she tags Janna Tisea, Janna chimes in, I'm in, and she describes a cake that will fit perfectly on the table with Kelsey's, and just like that, in 20 minutes of my asking for perfection, it is indeed perfect.

While it may seem like just another event, it is so much more, it is about showing those who never knew Lexie just how beautiful the world is because of her. And, this morning, I have no doubt that it's gonna be pulled off.


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