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These kids are our future

today, we did the whole shopping thing. Y'all know how I feel about these days. They take eeons to put together, and because I somehow feel perfection is possible for each and every portion, they take a lot of mental energy too. I full heartedly believe that these kids deserve their moment to feel special.

So, today, we're in the traveling closet. There's a group of boys being teenaged boys, but the language has the fbomb about every other word. I have worked around construction long enough to let it roll. But, today, it was just too much. So, I asked the boys to please watch their language. A bit later, we're inside, and I hear them again, using THE word. So, I ask them to stop again. And, a bit later, again. A short while later, one of the boys walks up to me and says how sorry he is that he wasn't respecting me. How he really appreciated all the hard work, and how he was genuninely sorry. I cried a second, actually, and thanked him for being so aware of how he had hurt my feelings. A short while later, a teacher came over to tell me that boy's and my conversation had him in tears, and that he realized how his actions can affect people. How he had really learned from this moment. As the afternoon went on, each of those boys came up and genuinely apologized, and told us how much us being there meant.

I listened to a teenaged mom tell her teacher about her son's dentist appointment, and how he had no cavities. This young mom took an odark thirty dental appointment and made it to school in time for classes. We'd given her a prom dress months back, and today, we gave her some summer clothes and a GRAD U ATION dress. This young mom is graduating! We scoured the van for toddler clothes, and were able to find some things, for which she thanked us another gazillion times.

Today, we brought clothes to students needing a reminder that they are cared about, that they deserve to have nice things. We reminded them to be kind, and they reminded us that the hard work is worth every single second. While you may wonder if all of this makes a difference to these kids, I'm here to tell you, IT DOES!!! Some of these kids are homeless, but they're in school. Some will run to work right after school to earn money for food. Some will run to the dentist, to daycare, and to school all before we finish our morning coffee. These "kids" are our future. We have the ability to help them shape their lives. Let's make sure that each time we take on that responsibility, we make it just as perfect as we can. They deserve it!!!!


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