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The nana gig

as is somewhat apparent by the happenings of my family's life this past year and a half, we sometimes hold together by a thread.

But, today, I was forced to stop cold in my tracks and feel blessed. Not sure how, I guess the brain convinced the heart to buck up for a second and just breathe it all in. Today, I was on Nana duty as Josh moved. It's not easy being a single daddy, and I was starting to get stuck on the "why can't things be easy" button. So, I allowed that all to dig in, and then I delved into the Nana gig.

So, I ask Jordan what we should do for fun. he replies, Nana, let's pull weeds. I have some coming up on the back yard walk way, so I agree. We spend some time on weeds, Stephen works on a few boat things in the back of the yard, and all goes well. I glance at my day's "job" and think I'm pretty lucky to have a grandson who has been raised to be kind and giving. I'm starting to feel like a good mom for raising a son who has raised such an amazing son of his own, with no partner, no second income, just him and his little man.

And then, my "ex" mother in law comes over to join us for lunch. I'm feeling pretty proud of Boo and I for never allowing a divorce degree to alter our part in Josh and Lexie's lives. Because, it was never about the divorce, just about the kids. All goes as it should, and Jordan breaks out a board game. He explains to his Grammie Boo that we need to play "this" game because Nana loves it and it will make her happy. Jordan and Boo shoot some hoops in the backyard, and I watch, feeling happy that our Boo is still able to shoot hoops, look amazing, and giggle loud enough to stop me from tossing the salad.

After a bit, Boo heads out the door. Jordan demands a group hug of all of us before she goes. He signs to her that he loves her a whole bunch. He stops her a few times on her way to the car to be sure she knows how much she is loved. After a while, Josh comes to take Jordan home and they talk about tomorrow's fishing. There's no doubt they're gonna catch a HUGE fish.

And suddenly, the heart says to the brain, thanks for bringing me to my senses. Maybe we all need a moment in time to remind us of what, honestly is important. It's just life. Our own simple little life. Because fail as we may from time to time, we have those moments just waiting to remind us of how blessed we are. I miss my daughter every single minute of every single day! But, my heart is blessed by the men in my life who never allow my heart to feel alone


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