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So very grateful

this charity is wild busy these past few months, this past year if you are actually counting. So, it's rare that I sit down for a minute to actually write. But, tonight, I do.

Tonight I take a breath. It's something I previously demanded of myself. But, that was before. There's a before IT happened and an after IT happened. There's nothing to describe, just that it all changed the day my girl became an angel. So, the breaths, well, they're different. It all leads back to these breaths I'm taking right now. They're breaths I take for survival. They're breaths I appreciate. These breaths, they are no longer taken for granted. These breaths are those of surviving pure hell. They're breaths to remind us of what it took to make us hard core, literally demanding people be kind or else suffer the wrath of a mama just trying her darndest to stay afloat. If you don't understand the breaths, please consider yourself blessed, And honestly, I mean that. I would honestly not ever want my very very worst enemy this heartache.

Tonight, I sit in front of this screen, begging the world to be kind. Tonight, I am so very grateful for the hugs given to me as we received a grant that was reported to be $5,000, but announced to many as a "surprise" $8,000. It's about so much more than the check. It's about the hugs, the genuine hugs of the women who understand the heart that MUST have her daughter's name be forever remembered as making her own little world beautiful. Junior League of Reno, the check is, well, off the charts awesomesauce on so many levels.

But, quite honestly, the hugs, the friendships, the understanding of the demands of perfection, well, you make us exactly who our angel would demand us to be, Thank you for understanding a mama's heart and making sure my dreams of making my angel forever sharing beautiful, nothing short of possible.

Tonight, I take a breath. And, I appreciate the love that my own little world shares. For Lexie, may the world be forever PRETTY.


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