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The other day, as we were packing up the prom dresses, Dottie Sandoval stopped me for a breath. Look at what you've done.

I started to tear up, so I made light of the comment. Ya, that was wild

No, really, look at what you've done this year

I finally took the breath she has so often reminded me to take. I looked at this room full of volunteers. I remembered receiving word we'd gotten the grant to help build Lexie's Traveling Closet and knowing that with Junior League of Reno stamping their name on our cute little trailer boasting Lexie's name we'd be certain to be successful. If they believed in us, we were guaranteed to have the breaths to make the vision a reality.

Thank you Junior League of Reno, not just for our first grant, but for your continued words of encouragement, your reminders to fine tune. Your showing up time after time after time to help us with collections and with your cute members to help sort and hang the best of the best. It's been quite a year, and we have enjoyed sharing the breaths with you.

Oh, and thanks for having us as part of Bloom, ya, that too. ;)


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