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Drive Safe

I used to keep a journal as a kid Don't ask why I still don't. I really should Thankfully, I'm a blabbering mouth to fb

Years ago my cousin actually told me nobody was gonna read my posts Today, these wordy posts remind me from time to time of the great times we had with Lexie, and how proud we always were of her breaking down barriers to live a fulfilling life. They're what I have to go along with pictures I could sneak of her, because she hated my taking pictures of her unless she was to her standards of looking picture worthy.

They remind me of what a great daddy Josh has always been, and how blessed we are to know Jordan is in such good daddy hands. AND, They give me TOLD YOU SO rights to my cousin (who I still sware only puts up with me because the rest if the family tells him to) by watching everyone read my posts and making sure Lexie is immortal by Lexie's Gift being so incredibly awesome, with the help of a mama's wordy fb posts, by her amazing village and the amazing villages of that village.

So, here ends another wordy post. Thank you all for allowing me to share the memories and keeping Lexie's memory alive. It helps me convince myself the floor is worthy of feeling my feet hit it one step at a time. Happy Friday. Drive safe.


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