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My Kick A** Village

It's honestly impossible to keep up with what these two are doing. And honestly, tomorrow, I must actually get detailed information. We've been wild busy today, the 3 of us, so there's been no time to actually understand word for word what we are doing. Just, we're doing it, and we're moving mountains, and the youth in our community are gonna feel all sorts of cute because of a village we call our friends.

So, for now, I'm going to give a shout out and a FB hug to one of my dearest besties, Darci Linnell Hendrix. For not only agreeing to crowd your office with prom dresses and shoes and all that surrounds this special night, but for just loving the world feeling happy. You make the world a better place by your being a part of it. For your making sure the Tux places know that you'll donate a tux rental for every 2 that they donate. For your raising a daughter that makes us all feel loved, for all these years. For your walking up my driveway within minutes of your learning Lex was now an angel, and calling your sweet girl to get paper products to my house asap because we had to get these well meaning people out of my kitchen, for you loving me, loving our community, and making us feel like, no matter what, it was all ok.THANK YOU for being a part of it all.

To Melanie Fancher for making the control freak aka Barbie Marcoe know that you are going to demand nothing short of perfection. For making me giggle my way through driving the big truck, for just stepping in and taking charge, and allowing me to get a second to realize we are gonna make some dreams come true. For knowing exactly what is needed to make prom night for so many a dream come true. Oh, how I've enjoyed watching you become the beautiful human being you are. Oh, how I love that you continue to amaze us with your awesomeness.

Lexie's Prom Boutique is literally off the charts, out of bounds awesome, already. We are up to 50 dresses, and, I have no doubt, our angel is running around letting all the angels know that it's because of her that there will be giggles, and awesome dance moves, and smiles for pictures because her mama's village would never do anything less.

Tonight, because I feel it necessary to do so, I give a huge shout out to my 2 amazing friends, because they understand the odd that is Barbie's world. Tonight, I feel like this community is getting a whole lot of love. Tonight, I rest, knowing it's all gonna be pretty, in the name of Alexa Michele Valverde, with the help of a kick a** village.


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