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Introducing Lexie's Prom Boutique!

Last night was a flurry of texts and messages flying back and forth. I battled with taking it on because it will mean the traveling closet is going to need a complete inventory update.

Barbie's brain: this is nuts, no way can you do this, you'd need an army to pull this off in this amount of time

Barbie's heart, you have a village, you guys can do this

Barbie's brain, sure, you just call them and see how eager they are to do something like this last minute

Barbie's heart knows the numbers, so it starts dialing

Once again, Barbie's brain takes a back seat to Barbie's heart

To Melanie Fancher and Darci Linnell Hendrix for immediately jumping in, before I even asked, to make it happen (part of the reason my heart keeps getting itself into these situations is because of the this darn village)

Cynthia R Freeman has offered to make 5 dresses for the girls who's sizes we may not have, Dottie Sandoval is getting our Junior League girls of Reno on the case, Julie K. Dunlap is getting our NNAP girls involved, our intern, Mackenzie Karneke is gonna be a busy girl today.

We need EVERYTHING on the list. Please ask your favorite dry cleaner to help, your favorite hair dresser and make up peeps to donate time.

Lexie would LOVE making these girls beautiful for their prom!!!!


Contact          2475 Pioneer Dr

(775) 745-2184                     Reno, NV 89509