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The crazy long list

Good morning everyone. This will be my only post of the day. I need to take a day to regroup and make sure our entire Prom event is done to the 9s. For now, here is the best list of wants and needs that we have. Based on events that we've done with our own Lexie's Traveling Closet, and in reading previous articles on Aly's Prom Closet, it appears we need the following.

*Please reach out to anyone you know at a drycleaners. We need free or very discounted services for cleaning/or pressing of dresses and suits. We will need people who can pick up and deliver from cleaner to Lexie's Gift. *Florist connections for boutonnieres and corsages. Again, free or heavily discounted. It would be off the charts to have florists all over town, so we could find one close to each school. We may need people who can play flower delivery the days of the proms.

*Restaurant gift cards/certificates in Reno, Sparks, Carson City. Costco has deals on restaurants, and there are a lot of us who know restaurant owners who may be willing to donate a dinner for 2. We don't want anything that will cause the date to feel embarrassed, so please keep this in mind as we arrange. Please reach out to anyone you know.

*hairdressers that can do hair at their salon days of proms. *Prom dresses, shoes, strapless bras, spanx, jewelry, small purses, light wraps *For the boys, ideally, we really need a few stores to donate tuxes. We are requesting suits, but, honestly, I hesitate in doing so. The suit and tie need to match the dress. Tuxes would be so much easier. Please let everyone know we need tuxes. Black or grey suits are ok. We don't want or have room for outdated suits, (sorry to be so blunt, but our traveling closet isn't huge, gotta make every inch of space count)

*we could REALLY use office space through the end of April, that would let us use the parking lot, as well for shopping days. We would not be storing the trailer or van overnight, just the days of shopping. It's only 2 months, and we'd be willing to pay $250 a month for the office. PLEASE PLEASE beg anyone you know for the use of this space. We need to spread out to keep this flowing, even though the trailer will house the shopping events (cuz it's cute!)

*monetary donations work. Because the donations are just coming in, we don't know what we need, but I am sure, because of timing, we will be short many things.

*for monetary and any gift card donations, we'd love you to drop them by Lexie's Gift at 2475 Pioneer Dr. You may also drop dresses and such. There will be a donation box by Tuesday.

*Jenuane Communities has also offered to serve as donation central for dresses, suits, etc. Their main office is open Monday thru Friday from 8 to 5, and their new home communities are open Thursday through Sunday, 10 to 5 (although it might be best to avoid Mondays, since they have office meetings) Their website is if you'd like all the locations.

Lexie's Gift operates on a daily basis to serve various charities needing special items, kids in transition, the homeless. Providing a prom experience is part of our heart, because Lexie loved people feeling cute for their prom. We are emptying the Traveling Closet and Van to accommodate the Prom items, then will store the extra items. Please consider donating your time to help with the behind the scenes organization, and PLEASE reach out to anyone you know with unused office space the next few months.

And FINALLY, Lexie's Traveling Closet will be known as

Lexie's Traveling Prom Boutique

for the next few months. But, as always, please reach out to Lexie's Gift if you know anyone in need of clothing not related to the Prom.


Contact          2475 Pioneer Dr

(775) 745-2184                     Reno, NV 89509