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In Memory of Aly's Prom Closet

Amazing Community. We want to take a minute to thank you for your LOVELY LOVELY messages and offers to help us put the traveling Prom Closet together.

As a mama making sure her angel is never forgotten, I want to take a minute to remember the angel responsible for Aly's Prom Closet, as well. I want to meet her mama one day and thank her for being my guiding light so many days. I often referred to her strength when surviving the days that leave me begging for this to all be a bad dream.

So, I feel it's important to dedicate this years Traveling Prom Closet to Aly, her mama, and Lexie.

Aly Christiansen was also a graduate of Manogue. Aly, unfortunately, also died because of a car accident. I didn't know Aly, but, I know she was loved by so many, because when her name is ever mentioned, people's eyes lite up with beautiful memories. AND, Aly's Prom Closet is forever remembered by this community as the place that made many kids' lives a bit happier by providing them the opportunity to attend Prom feeling like a Prince or Princess.

Today, I think of Lexie. She's telling me I'm crazy, but we already knew that. She's begging me to make sure I do this right because Aly and her Mama did it just the way she'd want it done. There's a bit of hesitation, but my angel knows my village well, so she's giving me the angel high 5, with a reminder, make it all cute.

So, community, we have a job to do. We gotta fill Lexie's Traveling Closet asap with cute clothes for prom Be sure to keep you feelers out for dresses, tuxes, drycleaners that can donate cleanings and pressings, businesses that can donate corsages and boutonnieres, restaurants that can donate meals or even discounted meals, shoes, jewelry, and hair & makeup, and monetary donations for any shopping we may need to do.

If you share this post, and someone comments that they can help , please refrer them back to this post, so we can keep track of who is able to assist.

We are late to the gate in getting this started, and Prom season is here, so everything we do must be done quickly. Thank you SO much for all of your help.


Contact          2475 Pioneer Dr

(775) 745-2184                     Reno, NV 89509