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Fly baby, Fly...

In India, there is a belief that a black raven (pretty crow, or whatever it is) coming in while celebrating a life will eat and then fly away, which sets the soul free.

It's a beautiful story when someone who actually knows the custom explains. One of the besties lived in India, so she knew the custom well.

So, yesterday, we were cleaning up. This bird just hangs around and hangs around. It's a bit uneasy, this bird, just watching us all and not leaving.

One of the besties tells us the custom, and Josh immediately feeds him some grapes. As if this huge bird is going to want a grape. But hey, Lexie loved fruit, so he gives it a try. The bird eats the grape, and as we head to our cars, the bird fly's away. Swear to you, this happened.

That in and of itself is pretty darn special, but to add to the memory, I had just finished a photo album of just Lexie. I had tried to come up with captions for each.

Lexie was known in swimming for her beautiful, perfect butterfly. I'd sit at the edge of the pool and yell, fly baby fly. It was goofy enough that she'd let me do it. So, I find a picture that captured her in the pool, with her arms perfectly positioned as she flew through the water. The caption was, fly baby fly. It is the last picture in the album. The album was perfect because of this, and she made sure we saw that bird fly to help her soul fly.

Fly baby fly.


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