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Lexie and I once talked about flowers. We decided that 2 sets of flowers was all that should be, after a person passes. It's just right for the family as it provides color and beauty but not the feel of too many flowers to remind you of death. It was an eerie talk, when I look back. But we had weird eerie talks sometimes. Today, my living room has 2 gorgeous bouquets of flowers. As if she's here to say life is going to be ok. I'm your angel now, and you know how stubborn I can be, I've got this, mom.

To Diane and Michelle and Jennifer and Kathy, thank you for being the second set of flowers to be delivered. To my Ferrari Lund family, thank you for being the first to be delivered. To anyone thinking of ordering flowers, please know my angel would probably have the delivery truck break down, she's strong like that. Without sounding awful, we are going to cherish our two bouquets and request no additional flowers.

To everyone who has donated to the Go Fund me account. I don't even know where to begin. Thank you doesn't seem proper. But please know, we will use the donations wisely. And to be certain we are able to remember the silly, happy Lexie. One of the ways will be to continue her love of the water through her nephew. We will be doing swim lessons and look forward to a water polo game or 2. We do hope he doesn't drive the swim coaches crazy as his Auntie Lulu did. The kid could swim for days, so the coaches would have to put up with her. Once, her coach came over, yelled in my face, your daughter drives me crazy, and after the meet, she's in big trouble. I told him to feel free to sit her on the bench. He screamed back, you know I can't do that, we need her on the relay team. Outside I was cool, and just said nothing, inside I was thinking you're an ass, and every mother here is happy my daughter gives you fits.

I will personally thank each of you, I promise, but will do so when I can think clearly, so you know how much watching the brown curly haired boy splash about in the pool makes my heart feel not so shattered. Knowing the final arrangements for our daughter will be covered by people sharing their love makes it , somehow more tolerable, and I cannot tell you how much every little thing that makes this even a bit easier helps.


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