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Every bin has its own cubby!

THOSE FRIENDS. The ones who say, wow, you need to get some of this stuff out of your house. Let me see what we can do. Ya, that's what Melissa Meneses said, and I expected a few slats of plywood laid down to better accommodate the never ending bins. Next thing you know, she has Francisco over here with a tape measure. I think to myself, wow, these slats of plywood are gonna be pretty sturdy. Then, I get this drawing of what he has in mind, and I think, um, this man is building furniture for a box van.

Each bin will have its own cubby, enough cubbys for 40 bins. That means the bins will be organized to the umpteenth degree and it isn't going to take 2 solid days to sort through donations for each event. Then, we get the FAB team calling up to tell me they're kicking in some cash to make sure it's all done super cute. I'm kind of doing a happy dance. And, while I'm home sick with a cold, and Stephen heads to the Meneses house to help get these babys into the box van, I just can't help but think my angel is pretty proud of each and every single member of my village for making it all so pretty.

Melissa and Francisco, Margaret Finel and Robert Bartshe THANK YOU. Even our Box Van storage is cute. I cannot tell you how over the moon excited I am.


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