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You are far more precious...

When someone you love passes, you hold onto their "treasures" It isn't necessarily because you need them, but something about them provides memories that you hold close to your heart. Letting go of these "things" can be tough. I know, because I have a closet full of sweaters that I save just to wear on days where I can't do the "I'm doing great" dance.

So, all of this being said, my dear friend, Margaret Finel has been showing up regularly with donations of pure awesomeness. But, yesterday she showed up with this cute little bag full of cute little boxes (amongst other treasures I simply had to gush over). But, in this little bag full of beautiful boxes were some "treasures." She'd held onto them for years, and decided to put them into boxes because her mama would just LOVE to be part of this.

Since I had just gotten done sorting through some of Lexie's "treasures" I understood how much this meant to Margaret's heart, and how much she must love me and my angel to be handing these things over after all these years of holding them close to her heart. So, I came inside and looked at this box with its cute message, and I realized that I have some pretty amazing angels and some pretty dam* amazing friends making sure my heart gets its hug on a very regular basis.


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