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It takes everybody's help

Quite honestly, yesterday is a blur. Who knows exactly what happened. It was constant text messages and private messages of people asking if I needed their sized jeans or shoes, or if we had enough toiletries. I just know that Lisa Sedlak showed up in her working gear, and Boo Sandy Beach followed.Jeanette Maiss showed up in sweats and a pony tail, and I knew we had reached serious business status.

And we packed and unpacked and watched our list and the items not checked off, to be sure everyone calling was given the latest needs. We got the shopping bags filled with the start necessities (toiletries, blanket, vitamin water, granola bars, and gloves) which will be filled with clothes brought to Lexie's Traveling Closet just for them.

People took their lunch hours to run home and grab the jeans that were the sizes we were short. My cousin's son's girlfriend, Carolyn Carter drove over to deliver tennis shoes and cute clothes in need. My friend , Liz McFarland drove over to be sure the pants that would be in demand had representation, and her own new shoes would be well loved by one of the kids, she was sure. Junior League, of course, had one of their members show up with coats and gloves, and my friend Elle Douglas showed up with bags of wonderfulness, even one coat that had us hanging up with glee, as we said some girl was gonna feel very very lucky for this coat. Katie Blair Leathers dropped off some of the coolest of modern clothes for girls demanding the latest fashion, and the question was indeed asked if we really should consider more storage space.Chad Connolly was on the phone as he shopped for the "what else do you need" list.

And, as you can see, yesterday was a blur. We packed, I was in contact withMaegen Rae Tolley for the final schedule of which kid would come in what order, and after trying to get some normalcy back to my home about 10 pm, I am pretty sure we are well set up, minus a few men's sized jeans and men's tennis shoes.

I can't help but think of how all of this scurrying around protects my heart from feeling that shattered feeling that comes around ever so often. If I drive myself to complete exhaustion, I am certain to drop into bed and sleep. I am certain to feel my angel tap me on the shoulder every now and then and direct my attention to the person who's life is being touched by a bit of kindness in her memory. As exhausting as it is to do the donation deliveries this way, I know she approves of it being perfect time and time again. So, I start today feeling blessed that my village never lets me down.

Please be sure to watch my posts today for items we are still needing for tomorrow's Motel kids' delivery with Lexie's Traveling Closet. And, to those who have so generously taken the time to deliver donations, THANK YOU, from the bottom of a mama's heart!


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