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The 'me too' movement

During the me too posts, I am reminded of the JA dance where Lexie brought a date who was tall enough for her to wear heels. She had the bid, so he was "her date" more or less. He was "eye candy" of sorts. His mom was a bully to me, for many years during football games, excluding me from dinner invites after the games because....actually, I don't know why, but she was a bully. So, I wasn't at all thrilled with Lexie's choice of JA dates. Thankfully, Lexie was always demanded by her big brother to join him and his group during dances, so I knew she'd be well taken care of.

So, the dinner doesn't go well, he makes demands for later in the night, or he's not going to pay for dinner. Lexie continues "the date" and they go to the dance. They then get to the dance, get their pictures taken, and Lexie says, this date is over, and you are no longer here with me. JA is one of those dances that the person with the bid is responsible for their date, so his night at JA was basically over. I asked her why on earth she continued the date as long as she did. Her answer, I wanted to remember the dance where I dumped an a** for being an a**, so I needed him in the picture.

We were fortunate. Lexie's big brother had it known through school, don't mess with my sister, or you and I will meet. Lexie dated only a few boys in school, and most were absolute dreams. For those that weren't we had Josh. :) Well, actually, we had Lex. She was that kid who knew how to stand up for herself.

Today, as I see the posts, I'd like to take a minute to remind the moms of daughters, teach them that gentlemen exist. And, give them the strength to find the knight in shining armor that will treat them like a Princess. Teach them that they don't have to put up with the a** hats in the world., even for one minute, well, unless they need a picture to remind them of the time.......


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