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In memory of N. Patrick Flanagan III

We are asked to share a memory, and I've got a doozy. My memory make me smile and ugly cry, all at the same time. It goes like this.

Lexie's Gift was started, quite simply, as a way for my heart to survive the loss of my spunky Lex. As the requests and donations kept coming after a rather successful birthday bag delivery to those battling addiction at Bristlecone, where Lexie once worked and I serve on the board. I THOUGHT, for a brief moment of how wonderful it would be to SOMEDAY have a non-profit to spread kindness, in Lexie's name. The requests just kept coming, and every time they didd, I would put out a request, and it would be answered. I looked into doing a non profit, but the paperwork was too much for me to handle, afterall, I had just lost my daughter, and my brain wasn't connecting much. So, I continue on as a mom, somehow keeping her heart from being shattered, by collecting and handing out donations from my friends to those in need.

Now, for the memory. My friend of many many years walks in to my house one day and sits at my table. Patrick and I would like to hire an attorney for you. We want to help you start a non profit. We believe in Lexie's Gift. It's our gift (follow me here), it's our gift to one another.

Patrick was one of the biggest hearts I knew. It was often heard how he put thought and heart into every decision he made in his courtroom. He loved this community. If you were lucky enough to have Patrick care about you, you were lucky. I am lucky.

I worked with Caroline when he had the bicycle accident causing his paralysis. I remember the call from our friend, get to the hospital, it's bad. I left the Manogue lunchroom and drove like a mad woman. To see him continue his life with such STRENGTH inspired us to be better people. A bit of spunk, if you might. To know that spunk believed in Lexie's Gift makes my heart happy. Because, my spunky girl would be happy. I recently told him I would always blame him for Lexie's Gift taking off so quickly. We chuckled, but both knew it was my way of thanking him without becoming a blubbering idiot.

We promise to make the community feel loved. We promise to always remember the man that this community loves so deeply, believed in the idea of handing things to those in need, while adding the gift in a dignified way. We promise to never forget your beautiful heart, for you are a gift to our hearts.


Contact          2475 Pioneer Dr

(775) 745-2184                     Reno, NV 89509