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Lisa knows

I sit down to post about our last few days at the lake, and realize I don't really have an appropriate photo. So, rather than post, I decide to scroll through posts of the past, and see this pop up from 9 years ago. Waaa laaa, I have a picture (how funny, we were deep in thought then, too)

To my friend, who didn't have to say anything but come to the lake, no excuses, bring your computer if you must, just come to the lake.

I did, we sat in our sweats and pjs for days. We worked on procedures and plans for Lexie's Gift. We watched Frankie and Grace for hours on end. She made me an endless supply of ravioli while she ate her healthy food. And I just absorbed, without saying a word, being loved by one of the besties. The strength I have from these past few days is just what I need to be all prepared for the celebration of my angel's birthday Wednesday. Lisa, thank you for understanding just what I needed. It was PERFECT.


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