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I did a momma cry

Deanna Thornton, what you don't know about the timing of your message this morning (having a friend live across the ocean makes communication difficult sometimes ) so, anyway...... We have a boat back east named Wings. We've had this boat for many years. A few years ago, Lexie went back to take another look at it, and considered a boat trip. But, it was winter, and the timing wasn't right. It never happened. So, I always say to Stephen how between the connection with Lexie, and the name, that needs to be the boat we take our next trip on.

This morning, a friend from that marina contacts us and urges Stephen to get Wings ready for a group cruise this fall. I think to myself, wings crossing an ocean, it could be mind cleansing.

Almost to the second, I get your message. I see your name, and say, how funny, my friend from across the ocean is messaging me right at the same time I was thinking of wings on the ocean.

And I read, and I do a mommy cry.

So, I say, thank you for being my wings. Thank you for the VERY generous donation. You just set our goal over the top, and we're (well Stephen is) taking Lexie's Gift to Texas. And, we'll buy some pretties as well. Because wings must be pretty.


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