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I had to share

This morning, I share a story with Josh to help his heart find a moment of peace. After I wrote, I decided the memory was just too great not to share.....

I remember calling the Pediatrician, screeching. You had just arrived with your sister on a blanket, AFTER PULLING HER DOWN THE STAIRS, "mama, baby" the Pediatrician asked if she was awake,how she looked, and to watch her. " tell Josh not to do that again, but don't yell. Let him love his sister and take care of her. And from now on lay her on the ground on a blanket on the same area you are. "

He was wise. He knew you'd do it over and over. And you did. And she'd be nice and quiet and happy with her brother pulling her around. Our 6 week preemie would be drug all around that condo on a blanket by her 20 month older brother. That kind of love stays, and I know she is watching your and Bubba's every move. I love you so much.


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