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the noodle crew

Anybody who knows me will find this hard to picture. But, it happened, so I have to share.

I'm visiting with friends. It's a week long party/reunion, following good friends' wedding. For the most part, you can find me behind the scenes, helping to organize, clean up duty, and doing without sleep to help hear others giggle. It's who I am, and what I love doing since I can remember. Nothing new, there.

So, the other night, I decided to join the evening gang when they went to splash around in the lake. It's hot during the day, and evening dips in the lake take place daily. I rarely join, because I don't do those things. I like to be safe and in a controlled environment, for the most part. So I'm very content to stay on shore and watch.

We grabbed noodles and floated around. A bunch of 50 something year old girls and my hubby (who I'm sure felt obligated to ensure our safety, while watching his wife do something he's seen less than a handful of times in our 25 years together as an added bonus )

We looked at the stars and talked about absolutely nothing important. It was refreshing and soul recharging. After a bit we decided it would be a good idea to float down to the house more friends were staying in, so we headed out via noodles. Certainly not the safest choice I'd ever made, but we could see shore and feel the muddy bottom from time to time, so we convinced ourselves it was wise to attempt.

The house was further than we'd imagined and we ended up turning around and guiding our noodles back to the home beach. We screamed when we felt the growth on the lake floor hit our feet, which then brought us to extreme giggles. We named ourselves the noodle crew, and giggled about that too.

At the end of our noodle swimming adventure. I wanted to stop and thank them for being a part of this extreme for me adventure. But, more importantly, I wanted to thank them for making me genuinely giggle.

I guess what this is all about is this....always, always do what you can to invite those you love to be part of the adventure......that brings giggles. For, giggles are what gives us the ability to survive the times when there is no giggle to be found. Giggles are food for the soul. It is up to us to be sure they are plentiful, every chance we get. Well, giggles and noodles.


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