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Pay it forward

When Josh was not quite 3, he got super sick. He was in the hospital having his tonsils taken out, and they fell apart as they were removed. There were doctors all over the place, the outpatient procedure turned into a pediatric ICU and hospital stay for almost a week. Their dad had just been laid off, so we had no insurance. Dr Dyches walked into the room with his bill. I told him we'd pay until it was paid off. He handed me the bill and said, you don't understand, the bill doesn't exist. I know that someday, you're going to do great things to help people.

I'll never forget that day. We got that entire hospital stay paid off with a lot of negotiating and years of payments to the other doctors and the hospital. Although we were very young and worked 2 jobs each, we got those bills paid off. I'd like to think Dr Dyches is having his bill paid by all the people being helped by Lexie's Gift. Sometimes those who pay it forward make a bigger impression on the world than those who focus on a paycheck...well they always do, actually.


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