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Thank you, Caroline Flanagan!

I'd like to take the simple road and say how blessed I am to have her as part of Lexie's Gift. To thank her for not leaving my side these past 9 months. To thank her for sitting me down and telling me it's time to grow Lexie's Gift and help even more people. That's the easy part, because it's so immediate in my heart.

But, there's another part to this friendship. The days we worked for Dr. Joe. The days we'd help hide the smell of Peg's burned bagel. The days we sat at the desk and ate Chinese food for the umpteenth time that week. The days we dealt with kids doing homework in our office because we were smart, and worked for the most amazing friends, so that's how the office was. The days we dealt with running a Dr office and changing babies diapers , and somehow never missed a giggle.

This friend, this super huge part of my heart is having a birthday today. Caroline Flanagan, if I had to describe an awesome human being and greatest of friends, your name would be in bright lights. Happy birthday. Xoxo


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