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not a doubt in my mind

f you are paying any sort of attention to this world, it can sometimes be overwhelming. I admit, there are days I feel defeated from lack of happiness as soon as my eyes open to take in the morning sun.

But, not tonight. Tonight I sat in a room full of women who volunteer to make the community we call home, somehow better. The change they demand comes from their hearts, and because of the love they have for those who need a kind touch or gesture, it's happening.

I came to this Junior League of Reno end of year dinner because I felt an obligation to personally thank them for giving Lexie's Gift the grant. But, as I sat there, I felt comforted and full of hope for the world we live in. I felt a need to be part of this group I once thought was for the elite of our town. I felt an energy that I simply can't explain. The excitement was contagious as they announced their new Board. As they gleefully announce the new room at Children's Cabinet they are part of.

For a minute, time stopped for me. This group of women who do amazing things for our community announce Lexie's Gift as the recipient of this grant, and for a brief moment, I felt as though Lexie would want me to relish the announcement. So, I did. I sat there in this room and mouthed thank you, and my heart felt like they understood the beauty of my angel and all she did in her short life to demand people be their best.

Tonight, I sat in a room of the best. And, not for one second, did I doubt the beauty of this community we call home.


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