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Calling all builders! (and everybody else really)

Ok, community it's been asked, so I shall answer, tee hee. An updated list of wants and needs for Lexie's Traveling Closet.

I'm going to be blunt because we're getting so close, I can taste it.

We haven't heard from our grant request. If we can get that, honestly, the trailer is built and pretty as we can imagine. But, we are being realistic and realize we are really brand new and this may not happen.

Our donors have provided us the platform to get a good start, so flatbed trailer and many materials are being planned. Buuuuut, we need to be sure it's finished the way I (sorry the mom card is kind of demanding it be PERFECT ) envision.

The designer (one of my besties) has heard my dream and expanded, yes, the words small chandeliers have come up in discussion.

BUILDER PEEPS, we need you.

We need a connection to framing supplies Shatterproof transom windows, very small that will go around the very top of the small house Regular exterior door and frame (nothing over the top fancy, but cute) Sheet rock Electrical supplies Insulation Closet building supplies, poles, shelves, etc Home Depot or Lowe's contact that may be able to work with for discounted supplies for non profits Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Ross contact

We have donations, but need to make them stretch as far as possible, and I'm stretched on time with sorting donations, so need help finding the contacts.

And of course, we ALWAYS need Socks Healthy snacks Travel and full sized toiletries Large and small zipper baggies TJ Maxx type bags like they have by check out (boy styles, girl styles, inspirational quotes awesome) $1 there which is cheapest I've found Gently (that means gently, and pretty please not filthy) used clothing of all sizes Please consider Lexie's Gift for your next work place fundraiser. We're gonna make this community feel loved, one kind act at a time.


Contact          2475 Pioneer Dr

(775) 745-2184                     Reno, NV 89509