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"Mom, I'm gonna throw that crap away"

Well, 1 post later, and I have enough volunteers signed up to do our first Lexie's Closet set up at Bristlecone Family Resources. It's a day that I share with Lex. When she worked there, she'd have fits over the clothes the clients had to rummage through at the old building. "Mom, don't tell Tam, but I'm gonna sneak in that building and throw that crap away." I'd of course beg her not to. Tam and I could only take so much of Lexie's spunk :) I would explain we don't always have control of what people donate, and we must take what we can get. She'd look at me and tell me how ridiculous that thinking is, and how you just need to tell people we are only looking for cute clothes. (I guess you finally see where the idea for Lexie's Gift came from, tee hee)

The power is all set up, and our joined effort is about to begin. I am so excited to have this space ready to welcome clients while we maintain the dignity those battling addiction deserve, as they re-enter life addiction free. Free CUTE clothes will be ready for shopping days to come. And, I can't help but feel a sense of, look at what we've done, come over me.

We need a few things, if you don't mind looking through your homes.... Hangers, especially plastic as they work well for shirts and pants. Once we have final organizing done, my goal is to have one color for women's and one for men's. For now the plea is just to have hangers.

Lexie's Closet AND Lexie's Travelling Closet need women's and men's socks and underwear, always. These need to be new.

And my big beg :) when we fist started planning for Lexie's Closet at Bristlecone, a box of items we were using to decorate the room were mistakingly handed out to clients. We are happy that people have super cool stuff, but this stuff was gonna be used to make the closet all pretty. I still have stuff there, but it's not the stuff that had super cute power, and our budget doesn't allow for replacement right now. SO, if you have inspirational quote artwork, butterfly pictures, a whiteboard, anything SUPER CUTE, we'd love to have it on the walls. As always, you can donate to Lexie's Closet and Lexie's Traveling Closet, all cute clothes of any size:) and, if you know of a non-profit with space they can use for a Lexie's Closet, let me know. We are always happy to get our cute donations out to those in need.

Can't wait to share updates on the trailer for Lexie's Traveling closet. Woop woop


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