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I'm just a mom...

I wish I could say I'm as strong as I portray on FB. I'm not. I'm just a person, enjoying a son who amazes me every day, with his skills on making sure we're all doing OK. Including a drop in visit to check on mama. Who makes me proud every day.

I'm just a person who is kept whole by a grandson who told Gramps, when I get big, I'm gonna get a really good job and buy Nana a lake house. He's a gift to my heart, because his heart is so big, and I am blessed that he is aware of people and what it takes to make them giggle.

I'm a person who hosted a Board Meeting for Lexie's Gift tonight, after being in bed all day feeling exhausted. And gathered enough good juju to get me to bed in hopes of catching a few good hours sleep. These people, who stop their busy lives and sit around around the table listening and sharing ideas of people who understand, Everything we do must be PERFECT.

I'm a mom, who misses my daughter every single day, every moment that isn't filled by keeping busy. So, I drive myself to exhaustion, in hopes that I will forget the hurting heart.

I'm a person who admits defeat and celebrates victory. Tonight, I celebrate that I was, once again surrounded by a village that keeps me whole, so I go to bed victorious. May we all celebrate those who help us attain our victory posts.


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