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Master list... so far

We're almost there. Lexie's Travelling Closet is almost ready to start construction.

So, here's where we're at......

We have our awesome friend, Brayden offering to build this totally cute closet.

We have Shayla of Guild Mortgage donating money.

Craig of Horizon Window Fashion donating money.

Chad of Connolly Properties donating money.

Eric of Title Service and Escrow donating money

We only need money for interior finishes and the flatbed trailer, and we're on our way to getting this closet rolling. Without these sizeable donations, this traveling closet would be on a back burner, waiting, instead of the front burner,

demanding attention. It can use extra spiffying, but we can spiffify as we go. This community needs this, and we're ready to get it started.

Jody of Delray Design will be designing the interior so it's as awesome sauce as this mama could ever imagine,

Natalie of Natalie Gordon Murals and Faux will be exhibiting her painting skills so there will be amazingness throughout.

Now that we have our nonprofit status, please keep Lexie's Gift in mind when making your monetary donations. Our receipts are super cute, if that helps :)and it will mean we are that much closer to keeping our community feeling the love by shopping for free in a store rather than rummaging through boxes.

We are also ready to open Lexie's Closet being set up at Bristlecone, as the electricity is finally complete next week. Anyone want to help with finishing touches? We'll need people power to sort and make it Lexiefied :)


Contact          2475 Pioneer Dr

(775) 745-2184                     Reno, NV 89509