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Addiction knows no boundries

It knows NO boundaries. Addiction has a way of finding it's way into good homes, bad homes, small homes, big homes, even no homes, as if it just doesn't care, so long as a soul exists, it's willing to tear it apart, regardless . It causes people to crave things they know can, and far too often ruin their lives. It attaches in such a way that even the love of a crying child, a pleading parent, a begging spouse, or a forever friend often can't stop it. It takes the life of a son, a daughter, a parent, a friend, a family member as people who loved that person watch and are unable to make it leave the person they loved.

And, sometimes, for whatever reason, addiction attempts to take hold of someone's life, and for whatever reason it gets smacked to the curb, and can't attach itself as a cell any longer.

It's like a cancer. Sometimes it's deadly, and sometimes it gets its a#* kicked. Let us never stop fighting to help those battling addiction win the battle. As a side note, I have a friend who once battled addiction. She won the battle and is a person I am proud to call friend. Today, she battles cancer and I want to let cancer hello, she beat addiction, she's gonna kick your butt to the door. Whatever the disease, let us love those battling it, through it.

I will forever plug Lexie's Gift because I believe that what we do, to help those struggling from whatever, can and often are helped to be whole by finding strength to beat whatever is attempting to hold them back. We all have the ability to help someone feel loved. And sometimes, not always, but sometimes, love is what makes someone find the strength to beat the demon of whatever it is that attempts to ruin their life. And sometimes is sometimes all we can do.

In closing, let me just say this, F YOU, ADDICTION! (And yes, it is acceptable to post such thing on social media when referring to such a demon)


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