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the Heart-string Request

UPDATE , please read last section.........Sometimes, we collect donations for a person who needs help. It's a relatively simple task, and we are able to accomplish amazing things because our circle is beyond awesome.

This time, however, it's more of a heart string request,so, please, hear our plea and know that this is gathering for someone close to my heart.

Anyone who has ever paid attention to my work stories has heard me speak of one of my favorite "kids" I ever worked with. I won't mention names to protect the privacy of this adorable family.

This family lost their sister after she was careflighted to Vegas to save her life and the life of her unborn baby. She didn't make it after the emergency c section. The baby was 26 weeks, and the sweet couple immediately made arrangements for emergency guardianship so they could raise the baby that would fight so hard for life. I was preparing to ask for donations of baby items so the struggle could be minimized any way we could possibly help. But, knowing how critical the next few months would be, I decided to hold off.

She sent me a message this morning. Sweet baby Harmony was welcomed to her mama's arms in Heaven this morning.

This family is reeling in grief. I remember that feeling, not knowing what I needed when someone asked how they could help.

What I'd like to do is to gather baby items. (because, this sweet couple is expecting a baby themselves) They are having to cover unplanned expenses in dealing with the loss of their sister and niece, the celebration of life, etc. If we could gather baby items, it could alleviate some of their worry. So, let's pull together, and let them feel the love that is coming their way.

We already have a swing, and I will keep this post updated as items are donated. Diapers, playpen, crib, it's all needed. And yes, I have confirmed with them that they'd love the donations.

We are also needing help finding a place to have the celebration of Life (s) for Cindy and Harmony. Does anybody know of someone that would be willing to donate space for this? There will be approximately 100 people.


Contact          2475 Pioneer Dr

(775) 745-2184                     Reno, NV 89509