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Always Have Compassion

I read the "ingredients " and I think, why on earth would anybody willingly put this in their body?! What on earth would warrant someone needing a high bad enough to mix this crap together and ingesting it?! I feel disgusted and at the same time sad that it happens.

These faces look like the faces I would expect to be at the end of this story. It's so easy to read the story and assume I know what meth addiction looks like. I don't know meth addiction too well, but I've loved someone who beat it, and I am so blessed they are in my life as an instrumental part of my heart. I've loved addicts, some who have beat it, some who are battling, and some who have lost their lives. It's a disease that some can't beat and others can. I refuse to give up the fight to help those who can.

So it's a meth story, we've all read them, and are always relieved when those involved are off the street. They're away from those we love, so it means "our people" are safe. Besides our people would never do meth. We've taught them better. We raised them right, so they would never do meth.

Somewhere this morning, a family, old friend, maybe a mom, is reading this story and thinking, my baby, my cousin, my old friend, what happened?! Look at this pictue of him years ago, he wasn't always a meth addict. And, somewhere, someone who loves the face behind this picture is crying a few tears because the face I assume looks like a typical meth story is the face of someone they love and couldn't protect.

Please, let us open our heart and reach out to be the strength someone needs to fight addiction. Let us be the arms to hold someone who loves the addict. Let us not be better or worse than any one person. Let us all remember, we walk this world together.


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