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The feathers

Let me start by saying, yes, I do have feather pillows on my bed. But, this morning, my mind is on Lexie's Gift as I head to another great event to get the word out about how we're spreading kindness in our community. Lexie's Gift has kept me sane the last several months and I cherish the time I've spent growing it to even be a name that people consider when donating. Yet, being honest, there are days I feel the tears with the mention of Lexie's name. Today is one of those days.

So, back to those feathers. I woke up to see the feather on the bed, my mind reminded me that I own feather pillows, of course I can have feathers on my bed.

I got out of bed, and my heart directed me to look in my path so I could see that feather to remind me this path growing Lexie's Gift is not being traveled alone. Morning my beautiful angel. I'm going to tell everyone all about you, again today. And people will feel pretty because of you.


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