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the holidays will get better

Having her walk in with a six pack of beer and some sort of fall festive balloon for color was nice. But having her hug me when I said I was fine, and hold onto me and whisper don't lie to me, made me realize that I had strength surrounding me. Thank you Kristin Hollister Marino, you have no idea how much that hug meant.

And, then we get Arlene Pratt and Curtis Pitts to love on us some more. And stick around and listen to us talk about nothing, and keep our minds off of that silly girl who is missing from today.

To be joined at the dinner table with my gorgeous son and perfectly mannered to perfection grandson. Our Boo Boo, niece Morgan (who interrupted school work to spend the night with us) and some of the besties (convinced to pretty please stay just a bit longer) and neighbors who we got to host as their family was all out of town, was a night that left us feeling loved and thankful to have survived this day that took it's toll on our hearts.

Let it be said, Holidays are tough, but we had so many hearts stopping their busy days and making sure we were okay that we couldn't help but feel like we survived. Even though it all fell together with each person who walked through the door just to drop in for a hug, we survived. Yay team!


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