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A road-bike story

I miss her like crazy. A friend just posted a video. The second I started watching and saw the bike, I giggled and cried all at once. The story goes like this.

Years ago, Lexie dated a guy several years older with kids. He rode road bikes. His friends thought of Lexie as his arm candy. It wasn't uncommon, she was so stinking cute.

So, Stephen finds this motorcycle and since we are out of town, asks Lex to go pick it up. So, she does, and all seems good until we get home and see there's several hundred more miles than what it had at purchase. He asks Lexie, and she says, well I borrowed it to go on a ride to Grass Valley with the guys. Stephen is good with that, and I'm terrified that she was riding with these guys who obviously had lots of experience riding bikes. So, I ask if she had a hard time keeping up with the guys and she replies, mom, really, to start, the bike kicked their butt, and I've been riding longer than them, I had to pull off and wait so many times, I considered turning around and coming home before we even finished.

I miss that spunky kid, but am so thankful she had the opportunity to live the life that made her mama a bit wild at times.


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