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It's almost 10. Anyone who knows me understands this is crazy late for me. Up until now, I've been watching sitcoms to fall asleep, so my mind can focus on happy, even if only for that short while as I fall asleep for a few hours. But, this past few weeks, I've replaced the tv with folding and sorting the donations pouring in for Lexie's Gift. Today, I spent several hours determing what teens would like versus what an adult starting over would need and gently folding the children's items and kissing each, just in case the child receiving it can feel an extra bit of love. At 10 pm, I'm finally exhausted and ready for sleep.

I am blessed to have each of you who have donated to this drive. I'm 5 deliveries in, and tomorrow's deliveries are ready, by the door. Another 3 or 4 deliveries await sorting. Please understand, you are saving me loads of money in therapy bills :) Because of you helping me make the world a happier, prettier place in Lexie's name, I am able to focus on the blessings that make my world a better place.

Good Night dear people!


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