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The mom with a sad heart

I keep thinking it will be easier each time the 1st of the month arrives. But, it isn't. And it's November, which means the holidays are here, and she won't be here to dodge photos at Auntie Nette's, because her hair didn't work out today. We won't laugh about me finding even warmer slippers than last year for the customary Christmas gift.

I suddenly have absolutely no patience for relatives that waste time with petty fights, and I just want everyone to Fricking get along. Haven't they realized we aren't guaranteed a chance to have a tomorrow? ! Apparently, they have wasted the lesson we were supposed to learn when she was ripped away from us. I want to love on those who have not left my side and publicly announce, on some silly social media site, that I am forever grateful for them giving me strength to have made it through the last 3 months. I am able to stand and live my new life because of you not forgetting my heart is still in a few pieces that are taking time to mend.

But, today, I will be the mom who admits I can't do today. I'm going to just sit in my warmer than last year's slippers, and be the mom with a sad heart.


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