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My new phrase

New phrase learned LET'S SWITCH. The next time someone tells me how awful their life is, because their house is a wreck,or they had to drive through a traffic jam, I'm simply gonna say to myself, LET'S SWITCH.

I'm working every single day to say Lexie without tears streaming down my face. Last night we laughed about her ruling the roost at preschool. I got through the whole conversation, grant it, with Josh and Boo, without a stream of tears. I'm slowly returning to my new life, and trying my darndest not to let people know how I want to run when they ask how I am. So, really, when people gripe about something that can be solved by exerting just a teensy bit of patience, I want to look at them and ask, REALLY, you're allowing this to work you up?

So, if ever you find yourself telling me about the damn ignorance of the people at DMV, and I appear to be staring blankly at you, know that I am indeed listening, I'm just saying to myself, LET'S SWITCH !!!!

To clarify, I still love hearing about everything going on in everyone's life. I just think, sometimes, people need to understand that not everything is worth losing your cool over. Health and love is all you HAVE TO HAVE


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