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Please try to understand

Tuesday is what would have been Lexie's birthday. I have energy for Stephen, Josh, Jordan, and Boo, Lexie's Gift bag delivery, okay, and Moxie and Lucy.

Other than that, please understand, I am going to make plans and break plans because honestly, I can go from being the strongest person you'll ever see to a person you are certain needs tranquilizers, Stat, in a matter of minutes.

This is excruciating, and I'm doing my best, but it's my best, and I need you to understand. I only drive in the car with someone who understands that slamming on the brakes will send me through the roof because it brings me to the accident that night my daughter lost her life. Travel car lengths behind the nearest car, and don't run the yellow light. If you can't understand, please don't ask me to drive with you.

I do promise to laugh as often as I can, because laughter gives me strength to survive those gut wrenching moments of tears and pleading for this to be a bad dream. So, if you see me laugh, please join in. I love those moments! And I love those of you who remind me how much love surrounds me. Your strength is my strength.


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