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don't kick rocks, paint them

Something to know about Lexie..... She worked at a rehabilitation center.

She called me after her shift one day, and when I asked her how her day was, she told me she helped the clients pick up rocks and paint them. I told her that was a different activity.

She replied, mom, they're addicts. They need to know that life can be simple again. Some of the people spent the entire walk looking at rocks they wanted to color. Nobody was yelling at them, telling them what failures they were, their only worry was looking at the ground for a rock that could be painted. I gave them that. They have to learn that they have the power to be happy by looking for something as simple as a rock.

By the time we were done with the conversation, I was convinced, my daughter had the answer to saving the world.

To the rocks waiting to be painted, we'll look for you, and be certain you get the colors you deserve. Lexie would want that.


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