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its more than a mom losing her daughter

In case you're wondering about how Lexie's Gift started. There's more than a mom losing her daughter.

September's activity is gift bags for the homeless. 30 of them, for what would have been Lexie's 30th birthday. The freebie activity is each of you giving something yummy to someone who might need a smile. Something from your garden, half a sandwich, a slice of cake, anything. And be sure to post about it so we can see.

When Lexie was a little girl, she conned me into being a brownie leader. I wasn't the best at that sort of thing, I am not crafty, and can't cook. But, her friend's mom was also doing it, so I agreed.

When Christmas rolled around I decided to have the girls give to someone that wasn't as fortunate. We called around until we found a charity that would let us adopt a family with a daughter a bit younger than those in our group. I figured this would help the girls identify with the girl and we'd be able to come up with loads of handmedowns so the girl could have new to her clothes in addition.

The family we adopted ended up having 3 girls. Suddenly, we had our hands full. We gathered, made calls, drove all over and sorted til we could sort no more. Each girl had many very large boxes of clothes when we were done. We then washed, ironed if needed, and neatly folded the clothes into their boxes and wrapped them up. We asked Santa to please deliver 3 age appropriate dolls to our house early so the girls could have a gift to open from Santa, as these girls would be moving soon. It was a success, and Lexie told Santa in her note, go ahead and just give my dolly to one of the girls (don't be too impressed, she didn't like dolls)

We made yummy food, and delivered the boxes and food to the girls. It was one of my most favorite childhood memories. From that day on, we always collected clothes for those in need at Christmas. Privacy laws became a thing, so we had to get creative. Even when we were living on a sailboat for 2 years, we donated clothes. So, there it started. Lexie and I had this thing inside us that needed to let people know we cared.

Lexie and Stephen would often load up the truck with stuff and drive to a poorer side of town and find an apartment complex and park. Open up the tailgate and yell, free stuff. I was always terrified they'd get shot one day. But, she loved to see how excited the people got when they got their free stuff. The bag idea came a few years ago when her and I knew people that did the angel tree. She thought of the bags so that we could hit more people than just one kid wanting an x box. What about the homeless kids who's parents can't get to the office to fill out a form, and don't even have a place to live to store anything they'd get on that list. What about the mom who is homeless and trying to get a job so they aren't homeless anymore. Waalaa, gift bags.

So, this gathering of things that we'll do, isn't just about a mom needing to keep her daughter's memory alive, it's about Lexie's compassion. It's about a mom making sure this community knows it has an angel making sure they're remembered. It's all about Lexie's Gift.


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