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flight lessons

A little tidbit about Lexie. When she was very young, she took pilot training. Don't be shocked, Stephen struck a deal with the instructor. We'd give him reduced rent in a house if he gave her lessons for a reduced price. The guy owned the school, and seemed pretty darn knowledgeable, so it passed the mom test. Lexie was on her last flight before she soloed. The plane loses some altitude around rattle snake mountain, and the instructor literally loses his mind. He hands the controls over to Lexie and starts jabbering like a mad man to tower. Thankfully, Lexie was already a pretty bad ass pilot because she had been flying with Stephen for 10 plus years. So, she's terrified but she gets the plane down safely and that's the end of that. The instructor gets out of the plane and never does another lesson. He sold his school, and quite frankly, Lexie was more comfortable flying with Stephen and kind of put her getting her license on a far back burner. She had started studying for her Pilot's License again , but it never happened.

So, today, we're at Michael and Jennifer's house, eating pancakes, and dealing with the loss of their bestest buddy, who died in the plane crash Tuesday. My husband, who rarely has the right thing to say in such a difficult time just says, well, our angel has someone to teach her how to fly now. It was crazy perfect, and made this super bad time just seem a little less horrific. I just hope John is prepared, our angel can really flap those wings. He's gonna have his hands full.


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