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Lexie’s Gift is targeted toward people in recovery or at-risk settings; Lexie's Gift is a non-profit that helps the homeless, at risk teens, various individuals and small local charities that may be struggling to get donations. Currently, we donate much needed clothing items, shoes, reusable backpacks, and sleeping bags to Volunteers of America, Veterans Resource Center, Bristlecone Family Resources, The Eddy House, Project 150, Casa de Vida, Libby Booth Elementary School, Women and Children of the Sierra, Project Sweet Dreams, The Ridge House, Wish and Angles, Our Center and to individual requests from the community.

How you can help

Lexie was a shining light whose life was cut tragically short in a car accident in August 2016. Lexie’s Gift was established as an outlet for Lexie's parents, family and friends to celebrate her short life by continuing her legacy of helping those who need it the most. The celebration of Lexie’s upcoming 30th birthday was the spark that started the forest fire. As the donations came in and the requests for necessities were received, it became apparent the there was a great need for assistance throughout our community. Lexie’s Gift has become the much needed link between organizations and the community, continually connecting people to the help they need.


"A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam,

and for a brief moment,

its glory and beauty belong to our world...

but then it flies again,

and though we wish it could have stayed,

we were lucky to have seen it at all."


Lexie's Gift

Helping the Community in Memory of Lexie Valverde

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